Charging tester app in android

Nowadays almost any charger can plugin to any mobile device. This app checks if a charger is providing sufficient power to charge the connected device quick and right. You can see the amperage live in ma (if your device supports this). Connect your charger to get the battery charging current or disconnect it and get the negative discharging current and be informed for the consumption of your systems anytime. Keep your battery in good condition and your device up and running.

* Live charging measurement in mA (milliampere).
* Battery discharging current in mA (milliampere).
* Auto-refresh of values constantly.
* Capable of power banks.
* Capable for solar charger calibration in order to get the maximum charging rate.
* Doesn’t drain your battery! Very important. You will see no impact in your battery life, instead of other apps.
* Battery temperature.
* Battery level and status.
* Battery voltage and technology.
* Simple in usage. No need for any settings. It just works.
* No special rights needed.
* If the cable is not a quality one can result to slow charging.
Charger Tester is a very hardware related app. It Doesn’t work on all devices. Before you buy the ad-free version beware that it may not work on your next device or on your other devices. The best practice is to use the free version and if you are satisfied to proceed with the free version. Thank you.